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Errors of step 1 (beta 5)

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  • Errors of step 1 (beta 5)

    Bah! I can't even get past step one....

    I got this error...

    Database error in vBulletin 3.0.0 Beta 4:
    Invalid SQL: ALTER TABLE stats
    DROP nviews
    mysql error: Can't DROP 'nviews'. Check that column/key exists
    mysql error number: 1091
    Date: Thursday 07th of August 2003 09:48:13 AM

    I haven't edited anything in the database at all - this is the base install..

    The table stats is there... but there aren't any columns in it.

    Anyone have any suggestions?


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    When did you do the install?
    Scott MacVicar

    My Blog | Twitter


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      Do you mean initially?

      Back when it was in private beta...


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        can you pm me phpMyAdmin access and i'll do the first step manually.

        I suspect it was due to the way the stats table changed between beta 2 and beta 3.
        Scott MacVicar

        My Blog | Twitter


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          Scott... did you get my PM about this (there was a delay in PMing you since I didn't see your replied that day).

          Let me know, I'm eager to install Beta 5 on my board

          Thanks again!


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            RG, i would take a guess that as you had Beta 2 and used a different upgrade script (as came with the first version of beta 3 before it was removed) you may of never recieved the insert of the nviews column.

            try going to statsistics & logs in the admin cp and selecting the option to view the forum views, if an error occures then its because it dosne't exist (or the erros may of been turned off).

            I would just remove this from upgrade3.php (in the install folder)

            	// alter stats table // Remove the column that records forum views as support for views is being dropped
            	$query[] = "ALTER TABLE " . TABLE_PREFIX . "stats
            		DROP nviews";
            	$explain[] = "Altering " . TABLE_PREFIX . "stats table";
            But best wait to see what scott says.


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