the navigation get's really weird on me.

objects move around, and the mouse cursor is off on the template and css pages.

it's hard to explain, but i'm sure if you tried it yourself you would see what i mean.

I am using IE to control my board with and having no problems at all though. But as I have noticed it's programmed different per browser your using.

Very cool and smart

Other then that I have not found any bugs yet. The functionalilty is outstanding, great job!!!

I had to redo my homepage after install lol becuase the way the passwords are encrypted... and I have my own login for homepage to use certian features.

anyway, is it my computer being stupid? or is this a bug?

and my styles did not import very well, but I was expecting that. I think it reverted most of the templates to the normal templates of VB.

and I cannot import some older VB styles, again as expected though

Side note:
i have been looking to change the class="" of my smilie box in a style i'm working on and it is directed to $smiliebit and i cannot find a template named smiliebit... which template does it use?