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prevent new messages from being lost if session ends

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  • prevent new messages from being lost if session ends

    This goes back to vb2 I guess but I'm wondering if this is possible.

    I realize each new messages batch is controlled by the session. Once you end that session the messages will be marked read regardless of if you've actually read them or not.

    This is annoying on multiple levels if you don't have time to read every single new message and you want to come back later to finish reading them. With the way it's setup right now you're forced to read everything within that session or you'll lose new messages even if you haven't touched the message.

    Is there any way to preserve new messages and not have them marked as read until you actually read them or mark all forums as read?

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    vBulletin 3 has the same irritating cookie system as vB2 but worse. Last time I heard, vB3 no longer allows you to visit from multiple locations and have the cookie/session updated to handle this. If you visit Aunt Sarah's one a week, it won't show the posts since you last visited the forum but instead since you last went to Aunt Sarah's.

    Last year, vBulletin 3, as being tested here, was temporarily given some awesome (but according to the developers either processor intensive or buggy) code which gave us everything we have been asking for.

    You could visit the forum and read 2 topics, then come back later that day and read some more topics without anything being marked read until you had actually read it.

    Apparently vB3.1 and maybe a hack for vB3.0 will provide us with this much-needed functionality.

    In the mean time, I added a lame "Revert my last forum visit to" function to my UserCP which allows me to roll the clock back a few hours or a few days.


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      I will personally release what I had in January as a hack. I had it remembering specific forums which wasn't really that bad.

      It was when we added threadviews in that it started getting a bit buggy and processor intensive as a fairly large query was run on every page view.
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        And I hope people are reading the threads about vB3 where I've praised it. It is truly awesome in most areas.


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          yabbse has the best "new messages" code ive ever seen on any bulletin board packages. it has an elaborate cookie scheme that's VERY good at preserving new posts. maybe someone should dig into it to get some ideas.

          look forward to some changes with this as we get closer to a gold release of vb3.. it's honestly the only gripe ive ever had with vb.. good to know it's not an ignored issue.


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            vB3 is feature locked. You won't see any official code like this until vB3.1.