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    I thought VB3 was going to have a links management "Yahoo" style and chat system?? Am I dreaming about it because i cant find it anywhere!!


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    Those were never on the feature list. Sorry.
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      hmm it does say this under the suggested features.
      Major Additions
      • ldap support - This should be an option to use ldap an existing or new ldap db as the user and auth db for vbulletin.
      • Some sort of SDK for vbulletin integration into site
      • Image gallery
      • Instant messaging
      • Chat
      • Usenet integration
      • Links directory "Yahoo!" style
      • Download/review feature for offering files
      • Spellchecking
      • Guestbooks (private forum) on user profile - each user has their own private forum that they moderate. You could see this forum by visiting the users profile. This would allow any user to ask silly questions, say anything they want without being moderated, and give users a reason to look at everyone's profile all the time.


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        There is a template called im_message. Can't find a reference to it in showthread.php or in the showthread functions. Is that related to an unimplemented IM feature?


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          Originally posted by SharkMatt
          hmm it does say this under the suggested features.
          Keyword "Suggested". This is not a list of features that would be included in this version.
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            However, you CAN now setup forums to behave as a link.
            I use this to list my banners and advertisers and sponsors on my forumhome in a special category to behave as a banner section.


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              Hi Floris / all,

              "...list my banners and advertisers and sponsors on my forumhome in a special category to behave as a banner section."

              Just wondering if you could explain this a tad further, as I would like to be able to have a link/s, with perhaps a short blurb and an image. Is this possible?

              How have you set up your forum to behave as a banner section?



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                Does anyone know if you can have images / descriptions, in a link "forum"?


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                  The description takes html, so you can setup a link with <a href="">vbcom</a> and image with <img src="moo.gif" />


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                    Thanks, will try this out.

                    Do you have some finished examples that I can see of this?



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                      Goto the forum manager of any existing forum you have, behind it type:

                      Check our <img border="0" src=""> <a href="faq.php?">FAQ</a> for details!

                      This will then look like

                      Check our FAQ for details!


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                        I actually meant, an example of a finished link forum / banner system...


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                          The forum listing here on use it.
                          Just not one with an image.

                          If you use my post as example, you don't need a forum - its the same code, be it in my example post or on a live forum.

                          An example of what you can do with conditionals which I did for a friend:


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                            thanks so much... (insert thumbs up image here, but I'm only in quick reply and don't know the abbreviation for it )


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                              How can I do this (have a link as a forum on the forumhome page) without the "threads" "posts" and "last post" remarks?
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