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    I have a forum for Thai people and want to translate vB3 for them. However, I do not want to translate all the vB3 (I prefer English for AdminCP and some other functions only admin or mod use) I just want to translate for the people who use forum as a member.

    I've created new language called "Thai" but do not know which one to translate. If I want to just translate for the forum member, which one I have to translate?

    Thanks in advance.

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    In fact, I am confused here.

    In vB2 I have translated the templates to Thai so that my forum member could use the forum in Thai. Some of the templates were not translated coz it's only to be seen by admin or mod.

    But with vB3, some of the templates are missing (such as Email Subject Text) and I have found them under Language manager category. Does this mean I have to translate the templates as well as Phrases in Language manager?


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      It would be best to wait until the final style before doing any massive translations. Once the style is complete, then you can create a Thai Language Pack for the users that wish to use it.
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