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  • Email Problem

    I did a fresh install of Ver3 instead of an upgrade from 2.3.0, I deleted everything from the server and then uploaded Ver 3 and then did the install.

    The installation only took a few minutes and went very smooth. Since there was only one user (Admin) I registered myself as a new user with a different name. I have the " Verify Email address in Registration" set to "Yes" however I never get notified by email, I asked another person to registered with the same results.

    Using the dianostics I sent an email to myself and got it okay. I have left most of the settings to the default install settings until I can resolve this issue.

    The server is the same server that Ver 2.3.0 worked on and the email was blazing fast. Presently there are only two new users and they are both listed as "Users Awaiting Email Confirmation"


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