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    I've noticed two things which I think are bugs.
    1. When you first add a field, the value for "Max length of allowed user input" is 25. However, after you save the new field, if you go back it will be set to 0. Once you edit it, it remembers the correct value.
    2. I added a field named "Venue:". I didn't add any options for the the drop down menu, so I let people fill it in for themselves. I added an event and filled in the field with a value, but it didn't show up when I look at the event. The row is there for venue, but the value is blank. When I go back to edit the event, the value I submitted is in the form.

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    I'll look into it.


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      I've fixed the first one but you have a workaround so I won't post it.

      To fix the second one.

      Find this around line 921 in calendar.php:

      PHP Code:
      $customoption ' '
      change it to:

      PHP Code:
      $customoption ''
      Then around line 934:


      PHP Code:
      if (!$customoption AND $custom['allowentry'])
      $customoption $eventfields["$custom[calendarcustomfieldid]"];

      and add this after it:

      PHP Code:
      $customoption iif($customoption == ''' '$customoption); 
      You do no need to make the second edit as it is only there to put a blank space into the cell so that Netscape doesn't show that cell as an odd color if it is empty.