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Perhaps it would be better to upgrade a test database first

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    I have a very large phpbb forum and I want to make a test database before I make the upgrade to vbulletin. Are there any detailed instructions or should I follow pretty much the directions given by eva2000 in the second post ?


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      If you have the luxury of enough space to create a second database as a backup, you can skip a step and actually do it all on one line, piping mysqldump right into mysql:

      mysqldump --opt -h(host) -u(db_username) -p(db_password) (current_database_name) | mysql -h(host) -u(db_username) -p(db_password) (new_database_name)

      Replace the parentheses with the appropriate info. Should look similar to this:

      mysqldump --opt -h127.0.0.1 -uroot -paBcDeF123 vbulletin_db | mysql -h127.0.0.2 -ucharlie -p987ZzYy vbulletin_backup

      We just used this to move a vB forum from one server in Texas to another in Pittsburgh and it worked fine! Basically you're doing a dump right into the new database. For a 600MB database it only took us about 25 minutes. (A much larger database, though, we ended up copying the raw database files.)

      One other way to backup your database may or may not be possible depending on the permissions on your server. Forget it if you're on a shared server, but if you're on a dedicated server and have access to the MySQL "data" directory, you can actually copy the raw database files. On my server, they're under /usr/local/var/database_name. What I've done is create a new database using my host's control panel, which gives me a new empty directory in /usr/local/var . Then I can simply copy the files over. It's a lot faster than dumping and importing. (That's how we moved a 1.3GB database, since importing from a dumped file had slowed to a crawl.)

      In all cases, though, I recommend shutting the forum before backing up. You don't want to backup a database that is in the middle of "transactions".


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        Hi All,

        Thanks, I think its better to do a test first then do the upgrade

        Thanks a lot


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          Hi everybody
          thanks for great topic


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