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Can't log into ACP

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  • cookies, cookies...

    I've run both cookie scripts (mycookies.php and fix_login.php) and I still have this issue. Deleted all the cookies from the computer I was working on, then went and tried another computer with all cookies deleted. Not a sausage. What I do note is that this happened after I setup a new install forum and imported users, etc. from the old database. There was a server error and the old DB got blown away. I'm waiting on a restore by my ISP, but it seems like new setup was using the old db in some way? Each forum has it's own DB file.


    All cookie settings are default ( / , no domain)


    I looked at the session in the new DB when this is going on and I've noticed that it is filling out everything (new sesssionhash, etc.) but It's giving me the following values:

    In Field "badlocation" vlaue = 2
    In filed "bypass" value =1
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    • thanks

      thanks a 10000*10000
      Originally posted by Kier
      If clearing your cookies does not fix this problem, upload the attached script to your vbulletin folder and run it, then delete it.
      Michael Zenner


      • I tried using the script below:
        Originally posted by Mike Sullivan
        For anyone still having problems, try this version of the fix_login.php script.
        but this is the error that I was given:
        Warning: main(./includes/init.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/rayzonz/public_html/forums/admincp/fix_login.php on line 3

        Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required './includes/init.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/rayzonz/public_html/forums/admincp/fix_login.php on line 3

        I did change my cookie settings as was suggested in another thread about not being able to stay logged in. I do not know for sure (because it has been awhile since I could login) but I think that I changed it to

        This is what was suggested and it seemed that it had worked for others.

        What are my options going to be if I cannot login and cannot resolve the problem?


        • drop the script in your main directory, not the admin panel.
          Scott MacVicar

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          • SCOTT, MY MAN, YOU HAVE MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!! If I ever get a chance to visit Scotland, we'll have to hit St. Andrews.

            Thx a million!!!!!!


            • admin login redirect back to itself

              I'd like to add my thanks here for fix_login.php shown earlier in this thread.

              I had set up a /testvb/ directory so as to have a workplace for testing and by using the command: mysql -uroot -password user_testvb < backup.sql

              I placed a previous backup of my main database into that test database and then placed the appropriate database information into /testvb/includes/config.php

              Unfortunately, no matter what was tried, I could not get into the admin control panel. It kept redirecting me back to the login password page. That is until I ran fix_login.php and thank you for that!

              Edit: This had nothing to do with my cookies. I had previously flushed them out entirely.
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              • ok...let us remind that this bug isn't nesseserly a cookie problem... so the scripts (php_login.php & mycookie.php) wouldn't fix the problem for everyone...

                If have, just like some others, tried to clear my cookies and tried different computers but I just couldn't make it work for me..

                I now realize that this vB isn't a full version and that it could contain such im like...ok whatever than...
                ...but now it has bin a few days were I coulnd't login my acp !! Im getting kinda said outhere...

                Just to be clear here....


                Im thinking like changing codes, editing the db, running (other) scripts ??
                Please help me/us! I new here, just paid for this and im running out of options..

                Thanks in advanced!!
                GreetZz Emanuel

                ps. I know that there are people working on this bug, so I understand that I can't demand a fix asap but just asking a temporary repair...


                • What do you mean by "I realize that this VB isn't a full version"?

                  This login issue isn't a bug in vBulletin, it is a settings issue.
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                  Wayne Luke
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                  • I've read this thread and some of your members said that 3.05 is a BETA version??!

                    ..and how do you mean it's not a bug ??? I change something in my admincp that is supposed to be doing it correctly and finally the whole board is unusable...??? I don't need an explanation wheter this a bug or not but just an bypass or fix.. ..but I guess your woriking on it, right ?

                    *sorry for my english


                    • 3.0.5 is not a beta version and this problem is caused by improper cookie settings within the vBulletin system. The fix is to reset the cookie path, cookie domain and cookie prefix (located in config.php) to their defaults.
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                      Wayne Luke
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                      • ok...sorry for my frustrations but Im all new to this.. I do know where and what the config.php is but If I change the cookieprefix to default than an error will occur. Further I couldn't see cookiepaths etc. I don't know anymore...but thanks for the help


                        • If you have not installed any hacks (which includes portals), fill out a support ticket at:


                          Be sure to include the login info to your Admin CP, phpMyAdmin and FTP. If you have installed hacks, then remove the hacks first then check and see if you still have this problem. If so, leave the default vB files in place and fill out the support request. Please also include a complete description of the problem.
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                          • Excellent it works fine and fixed the problem


                            • thank you this fix the problem kier.... :}


                              • I think my problem was caused by something differeant than what you guys are talking about here. I was adding the admin account to a subscription and I think it over rode my admin privillages to the subcription privallages. I no longer even have the admin CP link at the bottom of the main forum page. I only had one admin account set up so now I can't access the admin CP. Is this possible? I would have thought that the admin could not be locked out especially if there were only one admin. Does anyone now how I can reset my admin privallages without being able to login to the admin CP?

                                I am running ver. 3.0.6


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