Hey all. I released my new board yesterday and it's a big hit. I have a few questions that are hopefully very simple.

When users turn off email notifications, they still get bombarded with mail to all the threads they are subscribed to. I don't see any Admin settings to stop this. If you post in a thread, you are automatically subscribed to it?

Also, I have 370 new users already, but when I try to build an email list in the Admin tool, not selecting any criteria other than the (seemingly all-inclusive) default, it only builds a list of administrators. What am I doing wrong?

And lastly, I have no permission set for Guests other than the ability to read the Forum. Yet when I look at "Who's Online", it shows Guests are looking at the User CP, looking at the Member's List, ect. Does that likely mean that they are clicking around and getting the expected errors, or do I need to be concerned about security? I tested the restrictions as "guest" myself, of course, and it seems to work properly.

Also, last night, I got a whole bunch of database errors when I tried to do a backup while the site was busy. Anyone else ever experience this? I had a hard time finishing the backup. I am afraid to shut down the board while I do backups because my understanding is... if you log out as admin while the board is inactive, you are screwed. True?

My vBulletin board is integrated with vBPortal of www.phpportals.com, if that has any bearing on these issues.

Thanks for your time.