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Hello, where can i get the new Vbulletin 3 ?

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    start from beginning:

    there you should find all u need


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      Powered by: Spieleplanet 2.2.5 ?

      - All vBulletin copyright notices within design templates must remain unchanged (and visible).
      - If any terms are violated, Jelsoft Enterprises Limited reserves the right to revoke the license at any time. Jelsoft Enterprises Limited reserves the right to modify these terms at any time. This license is governed by the laws of Great Britain.
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        if you dont like me..leave me alone plz

        i pay for my board.. and i do everything what it need every whats the problem ?

        ahh..ok i read the license..(first time)..should i change this now .. ???


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          Re: if you dont like me..leave me alone plz

          Originally posted by Highlander
          ahh..ok i read the license..(first time)..should i change this now .. ???
          If you don't you are in violation of our license agreement and we can revoke your license to use vBulletin permanently.
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            Too bad its still not correct (copyright notice)

            Should be at least:

            Powered by: vBulletin
            Copyright ©2000 - 2002, Jelsoft Enterprises Limited.

            You have:
            sponsored by: 2.2.5
            Copyright ©2000, 2001

            btw: I'd suggest you update to 2.2.8 -- there are security fixes in the newest version that you need to update to.


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              ok i will change this today.. (sponsored by) -->( powered by)

              i would like to change on the last version..but till now i tried it 3 times and never get all the DB on a new one .. the backups are to big..and i dont have time to try writing a script wich allows to upload the Db in small parts..

              the security issue is known , and one time some month ago.. i lost all my data and all importand DB stuff has to be deleted to make it run again.. .. it was somebody .. wich hacked our board..and another i know...after this the version changed to 2.2.6...

              also a problem is..als the hacks..i implented should be renewed..and it would need days.. to make this .. it my mistake..but it seems .. i have to live with it now

              and sorry..for this notice..i didnt of the crew did this..but he isnt anymore membr of this comminty.. i fired him instantly


              i love my i bought a new one for a new project .. but its still offline...before i forgot..i want to say..that this time the license only needes 3 days to get from germany to vbulltin.. last time i waited 3 weeks..kool..
              *just happy now*

              ahh and i installed the new board already..and i now modifactions on the new board...its right faster...alle the hacks in the first board (on made it so slowly..the new board on ist really fast now !
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                You should look into Araxis Merge or Beyond Compare to merge your hacks into 2.2.8 files. I've been doing it since 2.2.4 when I first started hacking, and it's been so insanely useful you wouldn't believe.
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                  sorry my english isnt good enough to understand what you mean.. ) .. where should i look and merge .. ?..please explain me a little bit.. i would also like to rsstore the old board to its original..but a few hacks should still stay.. and thats a really unable quest.. i never wrote down wich hacks i made where..


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