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mp4 or flv video upload to cPanel

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  • mp4 or flv video upload to cPanel

    I don't want my (restricted) forum members to be able to play videos within the forum.

    I have some old 1960's Vietnam film footage of historical importance, that has been converted to both .mp4 and .flv formats. I'd like to upload one of these to my cPanel files area and enable the members to play it. Maybe more such videos will be discovered in time.

    One product for sale concerns me so far as the attitude of support personnel towards people that aren't web gurus, people like me that are mere scientists who deal with the internet only as much as required. I haven't found more than one product that claims to support vB and this one has far more features than I need.

    Is there a simple way for me to play a video that I have uploaded to cPanel, either in .mp4 or .flv format?


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    You need the appropriate embed code which can then be used to make a bbcode to use on your forum. There are instructions for YouTube bbcodes in the Quick Tips forum which can be modified to do this.

    If you require specific instructions or help, then you will ned to ask at our modification site
    Kerry-Anne :)

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      Thanks Kerry-Anne

      for your prompt response

      I'll check that forum

      Happy New Year!


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        Quick Tips forum

        sorry to be so dense

        couldn't spot the Quick Tips Forum

        can you please help me, I'm sure I just am overlooking something


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          Thanks Kerry-Anne

          found that area - not sure enabling BB Code is what I want, though, I'll check over on the .org site some more. I'm not wanting members to start linking to miscellaneous things all over YouTube and elsewhere.

          I have some very specific, old Vietnam film that I have converted and want to upload to cPanel and then play this and other selected historical film solely for our group. I don't want to post it on YouTube. This is for veterans from our unit and not for curiosity seekers or those who backed the Communists and wanted us dead.

          So I'm looking for code that will show the videos just on our restricted website.

          You've been helpful in any case and I wish you a Happy New Year.

          BTW on your .org site, just found this:

          this does look interesting!


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            You might wanna check out this link:

            If you are on a shared server, I would not advice playing videos from your site.


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              Great advice, kyrgyz

              that was an eye-opener

              I'll just have to figure this out. The video is rare and important, historically. Rather not open it to the world of hero haters, but may have to. The video exceeds 30 minutes in length, and I think YouTube limits you to 20 minutes, so either I can strike a deal with YouTube for a fee, or figure out how to edit this into two segments.

              In any case, perhaps you've prevented an ignorant blunder and I appreciate it.

              Semper Fi


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                You can set your Youtube videos to be private. However, only up to 25 users will be able to watch it. Stupid restriction if you ask me. You may consider opening an account with and setting it to private. You will be able to put your own videos in there. As far as I know they don't have limit on # of users.

                You can also write an email to YouTube explaining your situation, they might allow you to upload the whole thing as one file for free and set it to unrestricted private. I know independent film makers are allowed to run full-length HD movies on YouTube. Maybe you can make a little documentary with your own commentaries and interviews and incorporate your videos. These days cameras are so cheap...

                If your videos are of historical importance, I would first try to sell them to the big media outlets like ABC, CNN, FOX, etc.
                Here is the reason why: Regardless how private you want to make them, anybody in your "closed" audience will be able to download or record your videos and distribute them worldwide maybe even for his or her own financial benefit. Once you put your videos out for viewing, you won't have much of a control over them.

                That said, you can paste your logo, name or website url on the videos. It's sort of like image watermarking.

                In case you have no choice but to slice the recordings:
                If your videos are of high quality, I would use ADOBE Premiere or equivalent for splitting or editing. If they are not, Windows Movie Maker would fit the job (it comes preinstalled with Windows XP)
                Last edited by kyrgyz; Mon 12 Jan '09, 2:30pm.


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                  thanks kyrgyz

                  I appreciate the great suggestions. The watermarking idea is worth pursuing. I'm not interested in a profit, in fact that's against the stated mission of the website. But watermarking with a copyright notice is a great thought.

                  Thanks again.


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                    Glad I was able to help a bit.


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