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How to remove "index.php?" from Home links?

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  • How to remove "index.php?" from Home links?

    I have a forum where I would like to remove the index.php part of the Home links in my forum. It is actually the same here on vbulletin with the link:

    vBulletin Community Forum > vBulletin 3.0 > vBulletin 3.0 How Do I and Troubleshooting Forum

    The link in "vBulletin Community Forum" instead of

    Maybe in this case it makes no difference but on my site I would like to direct all pagerank to and not some of it to You can see the example here: (do a mouse-over on the - Video conferencing Forum link).

    So the question is, how do I change/get rid of this index.php? part of the "" link? Is there some template file I can edit or some other setting?

    All help and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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    Am I really the first to have this problem?

    Agian, any suggestions are very much appreciated...any..



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      I believe this requires modifying the code. We cannot officially support code modifications or forums running modified code, however you can try searching or asking for help with this over at
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        Ok steve, I'll try the other forum then.




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          You dont do nothing anyway about the PR, this is only a redirect modification but the URL already exist with index.php otherwise isn't impossible to open the site/page/forum..
          it don't influence your PR, just the URL look


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            Hmm interesting point - but I don't understand how that is possible what you are saying.

            In my understanding of google spidering and PR links, google looks at the source code for the page and there finds <a href=""> links. When I look at my source code now and before I see this:

            <a href=""> (now for all Home links)
            <a href=""> (before for half the home links)

            So as I see it, redirect or no redirect, google's spider will now direct all PR to instead of directing half to

            In that sense I mean that now google only "sees" and not also sometimes I.e. more PR must be attributed to



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              Google attribute the PR where other site linked to you, if all the sites links to you at or
              anyway in my small, I know all search engine spidering all index.* pages, for example
              index.php, index.htm, index.html, index.asp, ecc...


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                I don't believe this is quite as clear cut as some are saying. Many SEO's are highly concerned with internal link flow.

                Part of the theory is:
                If you get link juice coming to an internal page and that is returned to /index.html instead of / then you are diluting the effect.

                I'm so surprised that vBulletin doesn't accommodate for this, I wonder who is wrong?


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                  The overall effect this would have on SEO is, in my opinion, incredibly minimal and easily offset by standard practices.



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                    But why would it not be worthwhile to be able to switch in admin all vBulletin home links to / instead of index.html

                    Even if it's a minimal benefit, it may be worth the trouble of a click on an admin page.


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