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Reducing the size of the attachments db

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  • Reducing the size of the attachments db


    My programmer is trying to back-up our vBulletin Version 3.0.7 forums as they need to be moved to a newer server.

    The problem he has reported to me is that the attachments db cannot be backed up due to its large size 4.4gig (I think he is using cpanel).

    Can the attachments be pruned on their own? Or do you have to prune old posts and this deletes the attachments with them?

    Any advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks

    Tom Greenway

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    The only reliable method of backing up and restoring a database is with shell access via telnet or ssh. This is because backing up with a PHP script like that in the Admin CP or phpMyAdmin can result in PHP timeouts errors and an incomplete backup file. Please see the instructions here:



    Alternative would be to move attachments first to the filesystem and then transfer the directories containing the attachments.

    To move to the filesystem, go to

    AdminCP -> Attachments -> Attachment Storage Type
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      Downloading from remote server to remote server

      Ok if i take backup on old server and that is about 4GB then how i transfer from old hosting server to new hosting server. Is there any option in cpanel?