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Granting access to modcp?

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  • Granting access to modcp?

    Are there settings somewhere for allow particular moderators specific access to parts of the modcp? I have a user whos primary usergroup is Moderators, but when they log into the modcp no sections are displayed. Are there some settings similar to the ones marked "Administrator permissions" in the admincp?

    vBulletin version: 3.0.7

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    This will only occur if all the moderator permissions set when you create the moderator are set to no.

    You can edit the moderators permissions by going to

    AdminCP > Forums & Moderators > Show All Moderators

    Click edit next to the moderators username and designated forum and set their permissions as required here. If they are not a super moderator then you will need to do this for each forum that they moderate.
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      OK thanks. The user in question was originally in the admin group. I moved them into the mods group instead but they'd not been given mod access to any specific forums. I guess that could have been the reason.


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