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corrupted attachments?

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  • corrupted attachments?

    a couple months ago i upgrade to php 5+

    until now i noticed some older attachment images/avatars appear to be corrupted. the images appear distorted. it's only for a handful of images but is there a way to fix those mangled images that were perfectly fine before?

    when i run attachment rebuilt/counter for those distorted images it says:

    Error: Invalid image file or GD version is set wrong

    i don't know if this had anything to do with upgrading to php5 because i just noticed now on some older posts.

    i'm running 3.0.7. a pic that was fine looks like this now:
    Attached Files
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    The only way I know for this to happen is if the database was backed and restored. Unfortunately there is no way to fix this. You'd have to still have access to the original db prior to is being backed up.
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