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SQL query to search and replace calendar data???

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  • SQL query to search and replace calendar data???

    Ok, I screwed up and input an incorrect text string in a bunch of calendar entries on my forum. I need a quick way to search and replace every instance of this particular string in my calendar.

    I figure a SQL query is the key to success here, so how can I do this?

    Basically I want to search for "string one" and replace it with "string 2".


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    I think this will only work if string 1 is the only data populated in that field. I don't know how you would replace a subset of data. So, be careful here to make sure this is what you want to do.

    This is also for the actual description, not the title that appears in the calendar view. If you want to replace that instead, then use event.title in both instances below instead of event.event.

    UPDATE event SET event.event = "String 2"
    WHERE (((event.event)="String 1"));


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