Display user notes in AdminCP User Profile

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  • 220mph
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    • Apr 2003
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    Display user notes in AdminCP User Profile

    just started looking at using user notes and took me forever to fibure out that when talking about "User Profile" that the forum User profile is different from the AdminCP user profile - arrrgggghhh

    once I figured that out and found user notes it didn't make much sense that they do not display in the AdminCP user profile - if I go to ban a user I do so in the AdminCP - look them up - and select Ban User - that is when I want to add a user note

    unfortunately it appears I have to go back then and look up the user in the forum side and enter the note there

    appears same in 3.5 s well

    is there any reason the usernotes could not be made a part of the AdminCP user profile? to allow read and write of user notes in a users profile in the AdminCP?
  • MistyPotato
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    • Nov 2006
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    • 3.6.x

    I was wondering the same thing ????

    Seems kinda lacking that you have to go to the forum side to see them


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