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Can I pay someone to move my vB to a new server, ASAP?

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  • Can I pay someone to move my vB to a new server, ASAP?

    I am so frustrated with my lack of skills, tools and understanding. I'm desparate for help and I need it like now.

    I'm going from a CRAPPY VPS to hopefully a good just about dedicated environment.

    My stupid host (Siteground) shut down my forum AND CHANGE MOD'D ALL my php folders and files to 000.

    I'm moving to a Solo environment on Servint. Having trouble with the database and files.

    I just can't cope with this anymore. It's taking forever. I'm too much of a newbie to figure it out. Siteground is slow as molasses in helping me. My forum has been down for DAYS and it's killing me. I need it back asap.

    Anyone?? Will pay via Paypal. Please............................???????

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    Please note that it is against the rules to solicit paid services on these forums:

    You can try posting in the Service Requests forum at for help with this.
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