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MySQL server crashed. Not my forum doesn't work.

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  • MySQL server crashed. Not my forum doesn't work.

    I had a major MySQL database crash this afternoon. After two hours we finally got the server back online but now my forum is messed up. We can't post any messages. Various other sections of the website are screwed up as well.

    I get this error when I try to access vB options in the admin panel;

    "Invalid SQL:
    SELECT setting.*, settinggroup.grouptitle
    FROM settinggroup AS settinggroup
    LEFT JOIN setting AS setting USING(grouptitle)
    WHERE settinggroup.displayorder <> 0
    ORDER BY settinggroup.displayorder, setting.displayorder

    mysql error: Got error -1 from table handler

    mysql error number: 1030

    Date: Friday 14th of April 2006 05:50:01 PM
    Username: Admin
    IP Address:"

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    Ok, my TMP directory is full which is what caused the problem. My server admin emptied the directory and then I went in and ran a repair and when it got to "post_index" the tmp directory filled up to 100% again and the repair process froze. Is this normal?

    My forum is over 1gb large with almost a million post. Is it normal for the tmp directory to fill up like that and for my forum to stop working everytime I try to run a repair?


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      These instructions saved my forum after the database crashed. I used the tools.php file to repair the corrupt tables after we applied this fix. You guys really should let people with large forums know about this!!

      Originally posted by eva2000
      nothing to do with your database you should not need to restore a backup...for now close forums to prevent any corruption

      basically /tmp is out of space you need 3x times free space as your largest mysql database table at least

      find a larger partition via this command in ssh telnet

      df -h

      usually /home is pretty big and create new directory called mysqltemp at /home/mysqltemp and chmod it 0777

      and edit /etc/my.cnf under [mysqld] group add

      tmpdir = /home/mysqltemp

      then restart mysql server and you're new tmpdir for mysql will be at /home/mysqltemp


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