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  • Need help quickly

    I have 2 issues I need help with.
    1. My website, , has a custom logo up top. What I want to do is have it dynamically adjust to the size of the window that is open. Right now, I have the image set to width="100%", however when a window is resized, it does not shrink with the window, but stays the same size.

    2. I have installed the vbAdvance package. When I switch styles, from the default style, on my main page,, the pictures and buttons all go away, and are replaced with red x's. How do i fix that?

    Any help will be appreciated.

    Thank You

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    You cannot shrink a logo image to fit your forum page size. You either have to use a small logo that will fit all screen size. Or create a fixed width template and then create a logo to fit that.

    IE: A fixed width of 670pix means you could create a logo the same size and have it centered.

    As far as your image paths go in vBa. You need to change all the image paths from "/images/buttons" etc. to your full URL address like etc in your admin cp section were you see the image paths. The same as to be done for smiles and icons if you have the vba index file outside your forums folder. If you do, just move the vba index file inside your forums folder and you won't have to change image paths.

    Plus you won't have issues with broken links and cookie logout and login problems with it located in your forums folder, and just use a simple re-direct page in your root.

    Like this code, that you can use to place an index.php file in your root directory.

       header( 'Location:' ) ;
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      Where do I change the path for the buttons, images, etc... I can't find it in the admin cp


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        An example of what I was trying to do with the logo and page resizing can be seen here... Notice how the forums and the image at the top dynamically size to fit the window


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          To change the image paths. Go to your Admin/Styles Manager/Then click the GO button

          to take you to the page were if you scroll down you will see the image path directorys there. Like "images/misc" etc


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            But, unless you really need to have the vba index file in your ROOT directory outside your forums folder. I would move it inside your forums folder instead. Becuase you will have lots of problems fixing things with it located in your root, like cookie log-out problems, image path problems, broken links and so on.

            They can be fixed, but it's a lot less hassle to just move it into your forums folder and use a redirect page. Then you can decide if you want the redirect to point to your forum or homepage to suit.

            I'm not really sure what you mean by the logo image. if you create a logo image of a certain size. I would have thought it's always going to stay that size no matter what. And you cannot change the overall size it from lets say 250X100 to 200X100 if thats what you mean


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              Gary...i see what you mean about the make sense now. What about the page example I posted. Their banner/logo at the top dynamically changes with the size of the window


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                One more thing.....i put the cmps_index.php file in my "forums" folder, instead of the root folder. Now when I go to the forums directory, i get the vba module, as expected. But, how do I get to my forums now?


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                  If you named your vBA index file cmps_index.php, then your forums will still be at index.php.
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                    GSpot, you get all these questions about vBa answered much better over at vBa own site.

                    Brain and the staff there can answer your questions there much better than me, becuase no doubt you have other questions in the future about vBa as you come across them.

                    I'm not sure what you mean though about the forum. As far as your image question goes, that related to coding what your trying to do there in controling it, and I'm not the man to ask when it comes to that.

                    All I can say about the logo is this if it helps, if you take a look at my site. I use two logos. One is aligned to the left (default) and one to the right side. If you shrink my site page you will see that the right logo moves inwards correctly. Is that the kind of thing you want to achive?

                    So you can have two image left and right in the header that makes it look like one long full lengh image, when in fact there just two small ones
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