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  • PHP, HTML, CODE Box size

    Is there anyway to make these 3 boxes so they are larger in width. Maybe about 90%.

    I've tired using both "auto" and "100%" in the width for bbcode, but it goes of the screen if you have some wide code in the box using both them methods and streches your template.

    Is there any method were it will stay at that 90% width and just add a scroll bar like it does now, but not break the template and keep at 90% in the post box
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    In your Style Manager, edit the 'Code Block Width (pixels)' value in the StyleVars.
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      What I wanted to do really was make all the vBcode boxes the same as the QUOTE box, that being the HTML, PHP and CODE boxes. The trouble with using a pixel width for them is you really can't use that method to go full width like the quote box for example which is what I wanted to do.

      Plus using pixel width, means if long code is added in the code box for example. It will not shrink correctly if you reduce the screen size, instead it will mess the template up and go of the screen.

      Which is why I wanted to know if there is anyway to make them act the same as the quote box, were they are full screen width and will not break the template when reduced in size - coming in-line to fit the screen and show a slider in the code box.

      The pixel width will work fine I suppose if your using a fixed width template becuase it doesn't matter about screen re-sizing then. But that's not the case when using a fluid style and a pixel width for them.
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        Gary, I think you can use % width too... not 100% sure on that, but try.


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          I could have sworn I tried that obvious one first.

          But I just did it anyway to double check and it works perfect with all 3 codes. And it doesn't break the template either. I just added 90% in all 3 widths on them.

          I think I must have tried it before when I was using a fixed narrow width and forgot I was using a fixed width then. Anyway for anybody esle who wants to change the width of the PHP, HTML and CODE boxes to show more on fluid style.

          Edit this code in all three boxes.

          width:$stylevar[codeblockwidth]; height:{$blockheight}px; overflow:auto"><div dir="ltr" style="text-align:left;">
          to this: in red

          [COLOR=red]width:90%;[/COLOR] height:{$blockheight}px; overflow:auto"><div dir="ltr" style="text-align:left;">
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            I just want to update this, I was wrong - it doesn't work correct at all. It all depends what type of code you add into the box. As I found out when it totally messed up my style and went of the screen.


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