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Can you place code outside of the </html> tag?

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  • Can you place code outside of the </html> tag?

    Its NOT HACKING so please dont tell me about
    Not to sound rude that is not my intent, but please I would like help here if you can.

    Ok I have a DHTML script that requires to be loaded after the </html> tag. (odd yes) but that is how its made. Once the code is in place I can call up the DHTML by calling
    <a href="JavaScript:vbpopup.OpenWindow()">Open DHTML Window</a>

    the actual code outside of the </HTML> tag is:
    <script language="JavaScript" src="inc/FerantLib.js"> </script>
    <script language="JavaScript" src="inc/myWindow.js"> </script>

    Thing is I dont know where to put this script. I cant find a way to place it globally outside of the </html> tag. can I place this in the phpinlude_end template? if so how? do I have to do it like

    <script language=/"JavaScript/" src=/"inc/FerantLib.js/"> </script>
    <script language=/"JavaScript/" src=/"inc/myWindow.js/"> </script>

    If I am missing anything please let me know or if there is a differnt way please advise.

    Thank you guys.

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    Going into the gloabal tmplate doesnt work either.


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      Since most of the templates within vBulletin open and close the HTML tag in the same template, you'd need to do a mass search and replace from the admin control panel.

      To do this, simply login to the admin control panel, on the left navigation menu click on "Styles & Templates", then "Search in Templates".

      Now, find "Find and Replace in Templates". Enter in </html> as the search for text and then enter the below as the replacement text.

       <script language="JavaScript" src="inc/FerantLib.js"> </script>
       <script language="JavaScript" src="inc/myWindow.js"> </script>
      Finally, click on NO for test replacement, otherwise it will not actually replace anything, it will just test to see and show you what templates "would" have been modified.

      That should do it.


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        That is a good point you made... Your right. I assumed there was just one template I can do it to. But does this let me confirm each one because I dont need this in every template. I guess I will find out.


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          It's automatic, it doesn't allow you to do specifics that I am aware of. Maybe a feature selection, but there are quite a few templates.


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