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  • being spammed badly

    Hwllo, i have a friend who has vb 3.0.7, i've patched his forum with all the patches that i could see from all the newer 3.0.x announcements, even after that his board seems to be suffering from a severe spam attack. Am sure the attack is from a bot, coz the postings just shoots everynow and then, we've tried limited the time limit for posting, but this just slows down the spams. We had to close registration so as stop the spams.

    Now is there some sort of patch 3.0.7 needs that aren't found in the 3.0.7+ announcements?

    I've also enabled image verification for registration still nothing.

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    There are no bots I'm aware of thast can automate past the image verification procedure. Besides the security updated have nothing to do with spam. That is something you will just need to manage and control directly.
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