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Custom Usergroup that cannot edit?

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  • griffin
    Did you set your forum permissions to allow the new user group (primary non edit) to view it?

    Forum Manager > View Permisssions

    I hope it's that simple!

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  • Trillian
    started a topic Custom Usergroup that cannot edit?

    Custom Usergroup that cannot edit?

    I am currently using 3.0.7.

    We have allowed the majority of our users to edit their posts. Whenever a user gets out-of-hand, we would like to take away that user's ability to edit their posts.

    First scenario: I created a custom usergroup by copying the Registered user group and the only thing I changed was turning off the edit post feature. And sure enough, when I set users up as primary in the No-Edit usergroup, they cannot edit.

    Problem is, this is a private forum, and the primary users in the No-Edit usergroup cannot see the main forum listing (http://myurl/forum)... they get an error message although the primary users in the Registered usergroup can see the main forum listing.

    Second scenario: I modify the No-Edit user's account so that it is like:

    Primary Usergroup: Registered
    Additional Usergroup: No-Edit Registered

    The problem here is that although the No-Edit user can view the main forum listing now, they can also edit their posts. So the settings in the custom usergroup are not working.

    Can someone please explain how to:

    1: allow a custom usergroup (acting as a primary) to see the forum listing on a private forum, or

    2: make my Additional Usergroup settings override my Primary Usergroup?

    I hope that made sense. Any help will be appreciated.

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