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Need a couple of codes

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  • Need a couple of codes

    In the Forumdisplay template, I would like to add (under $navbar) the forum's description but I need the code. I added the forum's name and google ads as follows

    Page Example:

    PHP Code:
    <br />
    center><font size="4" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">$foruminfo[title]</font><br /></center>
    Google Ads Begin -->
    script type="text/javascript"><!--
    google_ad_client "XXXXXXX";
    google_ad_width 468;
    google_ad_height 60;
    google_ad_format "468x60_as";
    google_ad_type "text_image";
    google_ad_channel ="";
    google_color_border "FFFFFF";
    google_color_bg "FFFFFF";
    google_color_link "FF4400";
    google_color_url "008000";
    google_color_text "000000";
    <script type="text/javascript" src="">
    Google Ads End --> 
    AND .. on the Showthread template, in the same area (above Google) I would like to add the topic name of the individual thread but again, need that code.

    Example Page:

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Try this, if not I will give you another link on what you want to accomplish.
    There are alot of post on this subject in using conditionals to post in certain areas of your forum.


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      Thanks for your reply but I'm not looking for a hack to install Google ads ... I've already installed the Google ads into my Templates.

      I'm needing the codes ($code) such as $foruminfo[title].

      I need one for the Forum Description and one for the thread name.

      Does anyone out there know what these $ codes are by chance?



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        Try this:

        AdminCP > vBulletin Options > vBulletin Options > Forum Display Options (forumdisplay) > Enable Forum Description

        Set to Yes and Save.
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          Thank you for your reply .. but I already have that setting turned on. I don't think that I'm explaining this correctly and I'm just confusing people.

          Perhaps these "codes" are called variables ...

          On my page: (in forumdisplay) I would like to put the forum description up over the Google Ad .. but I don't know the code/variable .. the name which starts with a dollar sign $.

          On this page: (in showthread), I would like to put the post's name up over the Google Ad .. and again need to know the code/variable.

          Hope this makes more sense.

          Thanks again and happy holidays!


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            After much searching .. trial and error, I found them. Just in case anyone else out there is looking:

            Forum Description: $foruminfo[description]
            Thread Title: $thread[title]



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