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  • Move forum down page

    Sorry, folks. It's yet another Title Image question. Thanks to the search function here, I've sussed out how to centralise a banner as the title image. Problem is, it sits on the white line of the forum. (The bit just below the VB image here). How do I move the forum down the page? In other words, how can I create a gap between the bottom of the title image and the white line? Just one line would do the trick.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hi there,

    You've confused me How about a screenshot to show us what it is now and photoshop another one to show us how it should look according to you?


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      Hi Floris,

      I've just uploaded any old banner to the forum where we're having the problem. If you go to , you'll see that the "VM UK Campaign" banner sits on the white line where the body of the forum starts. I'm rubbish on Photoshop so I can't mock up a shot of how I'd like it to look. I'm so sorry! Basically, we'd like to have a gap before the white body of the forum starts.

      I do hope this makes a little more sense. Thank you, Floris.