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navbar is not seen in style manager

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  • navbar is not seen in style manager

    I was just trying to change few code,

    i don't know how i lost navb bar and in my site is not showing
    user cp, faq, memberlist, calender and all thosee

    any idea how can i reset it

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    Username: Demo
    Password: test

    Ok, I have seen your site and you might have to revert your narbar template back to get those links back on. I thought it might of been block by an <if condition>, but you might have just deleted? What other templates were modified?

    Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager v DropDown v Edit Templates ->«Expand All Template Groups» navbar -> Controls -> Revert


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      Thank you very much,

      I tried but couldn't do it....

      My navigation / Breadcrumb templates is not showing navbar
      there is navbar_link only

      How do I bring navbar below navigation / Breadcrumb templates back.

      Thank you


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        I played with repalcemen variable

        It is now showing under Replacement Variables

        Default Style [Add New Replacement Variable]
        • navbar [Edit] [Delete]
        Will my navbar will work if I delete from here?

        How can I bring my navbar under navigation / Breadcrumb templates


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          I deleted that one

          now it worked but problem is my VBA product gallery is not working?

          I would appreciate if any one could help me out

 it shows blank page
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            You are posting in vB 3.0 and your forum is vB 3.5.1
            Plus you need to ask over at about problem with vBadvanced Gallery.

            You need to ask the question that you have your forum is in the same directory instead , of placing it in public_html folder?
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