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  • takes 1 minute to load?

    my forum has been dormant (but still ON) for about a month. then today when i went to look at it, it took a little over a minute to load the page. i already emailed my host but he said that everything on his side was fine and he gave me 2 links to other sites hosted on the same server as i am on and they were all fine. i'm pinging on average of 58ms but so are the other sites (they are running php software also). i tried rebuilding my database but it's still the same results.

    Page generated in 61.1203 seconds (99.91% PHP - 0.09% MySQL) with 25 queries
    before it only took about .8 seconds to generate the same page.

    anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

    thanks in advance,

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    There are no vBulletin pages that take 25 querys to run, ontop of that those stats are not even shown with the default verison of vbulletin. Try uninstalling your hacks.


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      Thanks for the prompt reply.

      those stats were off of my vBadvanced CMPs page (my homepage) and it's always been that much. i've had these hacks installed prior to leaving the site dormant and it was all working fine.

      if i go to i get this (forum index)
      Page generated in 0.3222 seconds (81.80% PHP - 18.20% MySQL) with 20 queries

      if i go to i get this (homepage)
      Page generated in 61.6293 seconds (99.91% PHP - 0.09% MySQL) with 25 queries
      thanks for you help Zachery, it's a vBadvanced issue it looks like. i'm going to their support forums now.



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        I had a similar problem also using vBa on my previous install. I always suspected is was the blinking PM mod that used Java script that caused it. Brain fixed it by removing the java script from the login block I think. This time round I didn't use that Blinking PM hack and that problem has not returned.

        You'll most likely have a hack thats causing the issue I'm guessing like Zack said.

        If you check using the MS hack that displays PHP and MySQL usuage you'll see it's the PHP thats through the roof and not the MySQL causing the issue


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          thanks for the Gary Bolton,

          i've already put in a support issue for brian. i'm 100% sure that it's the cmps page that's causing the problem. if i go to any of the other pages (my forum home, my arcade, my gallery) by typing in the full url it works fine. but then when i type in just my domain name, which defaults to the cmps page, it's slow. i even tried to rename the cmps page and then url to that and it was still slow so i'm 100% sure now. i'm not really in a hurry to get this resolved but it would be better if it were working properly.

          thanks again!


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            I bet it doing the same as it did for me - the page seems to hang at the Header (navbar). Then when it loads all the page below the navbar loads really fast. But it always looks like it's hanging at the navbar.

            Also check this you posted:
            Page generated in 61.6293 seconds (99.91% PHP - 0.09% MySQL) with 25 queries.

            Like I said same as I was having, very high PHP stats


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