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moving threads from one forum to another..

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  • moving threads from one forum to another..

    I must be slow or something cause I cant figure out how to move a thread from one forum to another. I lcik the destination thread up top & then post users name, titel of thread and forum it is in on the bottom and try to move & no luck?? What am i doing wrong? Your help is appreciated thank you. Im using VB 3.07


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    Goto thread you wish to move, then click on Thread Tools->Admin Tools--> Move / Copy Thread--->Destination Forum: Move thread to destination forum---->Perform Action

    Unless you want to split a post from a thread
    Open the thread you want to split. Click the ThreadTools->Admin Tools-->Split Thread --->Perform Action.

    Now, give the thread
    a title and from the drop down choose the destination forum - uncheck all the posts except the one you want to split and hit the Split Thread button.
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