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Please... 'Mark Forums Read' - How to eliminate this link?

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  • Please... 'Mark Forums Read' - How to eliminate this link?

    There is a link on the front screen 'Mark Forums Read' that I can't see the sense of and would like to eliminate. Can this be done easily?

    (As far as I can see all it does is make all your forums look as if you have had no new contributions since you last looked. What use is that I wonder?)

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    The one below the forum list?

    Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> « » -> Forum Home Templates -> FORUMHOME

    		<td class="tfoot" align="center" colspan="<if condition="$vboptions['showmoderatorcolumn']">6<else />5</if>"><div class="smallfont"><strong>
    			[color=red]<a href="forumdisplay.php?$session[sessionurl]do=markread">$vbphrase[mark_forums_read]</a>
    			&nbsp; &nbsp;[/color]
    			<a href="showgroups.php?$session[sessionurl]">$vbphrase[view_forum_leaders]</a>
    <!-- /main -->
    <br />
    <br />


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      Thanks Jake. I've deleted the section in red with the desired effect.

      May I be very cheeky and presume to ask you another Q?

      I have created quite a number of forums but not knowing all the ins and outs at the start I didn't put them into categories. Is it quite a straightforward thing to do now at this late stage? Presumably once I created say 3 categories I can in some way transfer 5 or so forums into each. Is this easy to do?
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        You have to edit each forum and set their parent category. There is no feature to update several forums at once.


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          Cheers Jake! I've now accomplished this. Thank you very much for your helpful kindness.

          I have also removed 'Forum', 'Last Post', 'Threads', 'Post' partly through using your own advice here: and elsewhere where you tell how to put gaps between categories.

          My only problem is too big a gap between the main header strip and my first category. I did try your fix regarding a dot (though no dot seen but felt your fix might help anyway) - my only problem is knowing what to put in place of 'X' for category ID. I tried the name of the category but this resulted in an error message. Could you please give me a clue as to how to recognise a category ID?

          (The gaps between the categories also seem to be different sizes...)

          Sorry to be a nuisance...

          In case you would like to see the problem my site is here:

          Thank you for all your help Jake.
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            For example, this category is forumid 54 (in the URL):


            For the width problem, I posted a link in that thread:

            Originally posted by Jake Bunce
            After making this change, you may want to adjust the widths of the remaining columns. Do like in this thread, but you will only be setting widths for the remaining columns.


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              Please excuse my ignorance Jake but I don't know what the following means. I clicked on the link and saw the contents of the page listed but didn't know where to go from there.
              For example, this category is forumid 54 (in the URL):

              Sorry, I think I have misled you, it's not the width that's the problem (ie distance between columns) it's a height thing, the gap between rows. If you look at my site there seems to be a two row gap between the top main header category and the first category which I created. t's this horizontal gap that I'd like to reduce by one or two rows height.



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                I'm on holiday for a week from today (back on 24th October) so you'll know what's happening if I can't get to a pc to respond. Thanks for your help in these matters J.


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                  Maybe this.


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                    Thank you very much Jake, that worked a treat!
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