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How to show a members username?

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  • How to show a members username?

    Thanks for your time.

    I recall seeing on the VB forum when 3.5 was about to be released something like "VBulletin 3.5 for TNAChris" (My username) Obviously that would change for each member (The name that is displayed) how is that done?

    I tried what I thought it would be $username / $user but nothing, does anyone have any ideas?

    It's for a big chatroom event I've got to arrange in the coming weeks, basically it needs to say "Username, do you want to be involved in..." etc etc

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    There is no function to do this. This requires modifying the code. We cannot officially support code modifications or forums running modified code, however can try searching or asking for help with this over at
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      I did that prior to posting this message. There is nothing, at least from what I've searched which explains how to do this. It's got to be possible as you guys were using it around three days ago.

      I'll continue to search though, if anyone does have a clue please let me know. Thanks alot.


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        $bbuserinfo[username] in the templates will show their username.

        I think steve misunderstood you slightly.


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          So that will also work for title tags?


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            If you wanted to edit the templates where the title tag exsisted..

            unless I'm missing what we are talking about.


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              No, you answered my question.