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    We have built a vBulletin instance at We are about to order 2 additional license for 2 new sites want to bring up ( and I would like use the code from site #1 to create site 2 and 3. If I just copy the forums directory from /home/www/ to /home/www/ and /home/www/, will I be set to go? I am curious because the license number is in the header portion of each file and I want to make sure I am legal.

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    See this thread.


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      Thanks, but that doesn't answer my question.

      I have created a forum at

      I now have 2 other people that want to do something similar but are seperate instances of vBulletin at and (which are hosted on the same server as

      Rather than install new instances of the software, go through the configuration process, reinstall hacks and develop new styles, I want to take the entire code tree from site1 (/home/www/ and copy it under to the code tree for site2 (/home/www/ and site3 (/home/www/ I also want to make a copy of the MySQL DB from site1 and duplicated it for site2 and site3.

      I will purchase 2 additional license for the other sites; however, the PHP files in the code tree that I will be copying from have the license number for site1 listed in the files. If I were to copy that file tree to site2 and site3, I want to make sure I am legal and have the correct license information in their files.

      Am I doing anything that will get me in trouble? Do you have any recommendations? Should I PM you my phone number so we can talk this through -- we might not be communicating effectively via the text medium?

      Thanks in advance for your help.


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        Oh I see. It should be fine. The main concern is that there is an active license that points to those sites.

        You can also just do a mass search and replace in the files to update the license number.


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          Whew! That makes me feel better. Thanks for confirming that. Before we go live with the other communities, I will make sure the owners provide me with valid vBulletin license numbers.