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404 error on step 5 of upgrade

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  • 404 error on step 5 of upgrade

    I'm going from 3.0.8 to 3.0.9 and after clicking "Next Step" I got a 404 error page come up for Step 5. What should I do now??? Should I hit reload or go back??? help.

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    Strange. This is all that step does:

    // FINAL step (notice the SCRIPTCOMPLETE define)
    if ($step == 5)
    // tell log_upgrade_step() that the script is done
    define('SCRIPTCOMPLETE', true);

    Try logging into the Admin CP to see if it works.
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      Hey Steve... i just hit refresh and took my chances that the page never loaded at all in the first place... it seemed to work fine... said upgrade complete. I logged into admin and everything works fine... yes... strange indeed.. Thanks for the help.


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