No announcement yet. the calendar on the main page for all to see?

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  • the calendar on the main page for all to see?

    In this forum:

    The Calendar, with its events right under it, are located at the top of the main page. Is there a way to set that up in 3.0?


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    You be able to do that by creating a custom template for forumhome, then code a script using iframes. All you need to do is most likely create the forumhome custom template, cause the script is available @ You do need to add iframe. You better ask the guy's over at for more info.

    You might need to create a custom calendar template to call in the forumhome custom template.

    I did a test to see if it would work & yes it does but still you have to make one without $navbar, $footer, $header & something else but not sure if that is all? Here is a demo link for the today to see.

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      Wow. That sounds more involved than I expected.

      I'm currently using a downloaded skin, and am hoping modifying it as you mentioned won't be too difficult. I'll play with a duplicate copy of the forum I suppose. I take it iframe is some type of mod to use with the forum then.


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        It is not a something hard to create @ all? Quite a simple custom template & as for iframes, it just keeps the size of the box like you see below with scroll bar
        <iframe width=100% height=100% frameborder=1 src =\"http://www.yourforum/calendar.php?\"><a href=\"http://www.yourform/calendar.php?\" target=\"_blank\">Doh! It is Tags</a></iframe>";
        Forgot to make Guest view Calendar.
        DEMO LINK
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          Wow that is almost perfect!
          I don't even have a clue where to place the iframes command. It would also be nice to be able to remove some of the other unneeded links within that page.

          So I take it the guys at would be able to help me with EVERYTHING? Like where exactly I need to place the command and how to edit the calendar page to only show me JUST the calendar, etc.


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            That will be in a .php script that you might need to create. If you need this ask over @ or or if I have time I will see if I can make this happen???

            That is $navbar, $footer, $header is what you do not want in Custom Template and tweak it to what you want to show.

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              Just the calendar itself is what I would like. No navbar, footer, or header since this will be embedded into the main forum page which has it allready. I would not want the "Add New Event" box, but I would like the "Jump to Month" option to be there.

              If you have spare time to do this, then I would certainly most appreciate it!! But if it is something rather complicated that could take a large amount of your time, then please don't worry about it. It is not critical to have my forum setup this way, and I could probably figure out how to do it after a long long while LOL.


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                Like I said, it is simple to create. You are only calling Calendar and nothing else? You only need a Custom Template to show @ forumhome.


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                  Just the calendar inside forumhome. And with the entire forum, of course

                  Basically just how it looks at The forum homepage with the calendar inside the top of it.

                  Would it be much more difficult to also place the event listings under the calendar just as in the c-clan site?


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