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    Ive Banned This Member 2x. 2 Different Emails. Banned His Ip In My Server And Admin Banning Is He Able To Still Be Appereaed On The Bottom Of My Board With The Other Users. I Dont Want Him To Even Have Access To My Site.

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    Well, does he have a static ip? Is he aware of how to use a proxy? GMail, there are 3 websites that have an unlimited ammount of free emails.. litterly email banning short of banning these 3 and the hundereds and thousands of others out there, its not going to happen. The same problem exsists with ipaddresses, if he is using a service like netscape, netzero, aol, etc he is going to be on a very dynamic ipaddress, same goes for cable and DSL.

    Short of going to his computer and breaking it, and maybe his fingers, he can find ways around whatever you to do stop him sadly.


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      That What I Figured. Thanks Zach