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How do I IP Ban?

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  • How do I IP Ban?

    I would like to ban all IP addresses that contain the first 8 numbers of a specific IP. Can anyone let me know how I do that? This person has the same first 8 numbers of their IP address...and the last 3 numbers change. So I'd like to ban all IP's that share the same first 8 numbers..Becuase it's all the same person.

    Thanks you!!!!

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    AdminCP -> vBulletin options -> vBulletin options -> User Banning Options -> Banned ip Addresses

    Just type in the first 8 numbers of the ip address (miss out the . at the end). Now anyone with an ip starting with the same 8 numbers will be ip banned


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      Thanx appreciate it!!

      Is there anyway I can control the screen they view when their IP has been blocked?



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        That would be the banip phrase.
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          Im not sure what to do...They just changed their IP # and re registered new usernames over and over again and continued to flood the forum..say they were going to hack the site etc etc.

          Im thinking about closing registrations for a month or so hoping they will learn a lesson or go away. Im not sure what kind of solutions I have...Can anyone help me with what I should do when someone can change their IP #?

          thank you.


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            Copy down what they say, because hacking is consider an illeagal act. You might have to do an ip search for his/her real ip and just report them to their internet service provider and have he/she warn. I believe I place a link to topic like this?

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