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How do I make a category?

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  • How do I make a category?


    I am new and I just got my vbulletin board but I was wondering how do I get new categories? I can't find the option to do it :S With categories I mean like in here on this forum you have vbulletin announcement, sales, vbulletin 3.5 vbulletin 3.0,...... I only have one standard category and that is "forum" I wish to have 4 categories. How do I do that?
    Secondly how do I get to see pictures in my signature. You have to use some things like [IMG] but when I use that I don't see the picture. Is there somewhere an option do use that code?
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    Add a forum like any other forum and set one option to no- the one 'Act as Forum'

    Click image for larger version

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      Thank you Floris. That was very helpfull.! Thanks a lot and you replied so quickly Could you help me with my other question as well? How to see a picture in your signature? And I got a third question? How do I change my banner but make it look like a random banner Every time you refresh your page you'll see another banner?


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        Hi there,

        You're welcome, glad I could help.

        The second question about signatures:

        Admin Control Panel > vBulletin Options > see screenshot

        Third question about rotating banners, I am not sure, sorry - vB doesn't come with a rotating banner management system.
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          Thanks again floris perhaps you can help me with the next question. How do I change some pictures like when somebody has made a new post that you see that in the main page And where can I change the banner?? I really can't find this so that is why I am posting it.


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            The banner Rotater


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              Could you also help me out with my question where I can change the pictures when you get new posts in your thread..


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                If you're using the default template go to the "/images/statusicon" directory.

                If not go to *template*/statusicon" directory.


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                  OK thanks a lot trying to find a good template Could you perhaps help out with something. See I find my forum size a bit to big :S That is the default. Could you perhaps tell me where I can change the size settings that they match sort of like the settings on the vbulletin community here?


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                    ACP -> Style Manager -> StyleVars
                    Stylevars is located in the drop down menu

                    Change Main Table Width to 80% or to whatever percentage you prefer.


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                      Thanks a lot harmor !! :d a lot !!


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                        I'm glad I could help.

                        You're Welcome


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                          Can you perhaps help me out with something else grr I can't find how to make a second or a third administrator or moderators. Where can I change the banner above??? I don't want that banner of vbulletin there
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                            1. ACP -> Users -> Search for Users.
                            Search for a person you would like admin.
                            On the far right click the "Go" button.
                            You should be on a page to edit everything about the user
                            Under "Usergroup Options" is a drop down box.
                            Just select which user group you want the person to be in.

                            Now you'll need to set permissions
                            Go to Usergroups -> Administrator Permissions -> Edit Permissions

                            To set up a moderator go to
                            Forums & Moderators -> Forum Manager -> Add Moderator
                            "Add Moderator" is located in the drop down menu.

                            2. go to "StyleVars" and look for "Title Image".
                            Delete the text in the field and save.


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                              I see I am not needed here anymore!

                              Great help harmor Karma++ for you!


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