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  • linux and MySQL

    First of all, i appologise if this is in the wrong place.

    I recently purchased vbulletin and attempted to install it, however i was required to have a MySQL database.

    I am currently with which offers windows and linux hosting. I chose windows, for ease as i am unfamilier with linux.

    I added a MSSQL database by mistake (Which has cost be £16.00 or something extra a month now), but when i realised that it was the wrong database, i found out that does not use MySQL databases on windows accounts, and "MySQL is strictly
    for linux servers in (their) hosting enviroment." So when i looked into linux accounts, linux did not offer PHP as one of the scripting langauges, which windows does! Added to the fact 100% of my site is ASP.

    I know MSSQL databases arent compatable with vBulletin, but according to hostway, my windows account will not let me have a MySQL database, and if i changed to linux, they do not support PHP or ASP!

    Any ideas about what i should do?
    I am extremely hesitant about switching hosts as i have alot of access databases installed with ASP pages that are constantly running them, and switching hosts would be expensive and cause a great amount of hassle.


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    Frankly, that's absolutely ridiculous. There is no reason that MySQL cannot be run on a Windows server, and PHP is standard on every Linux distribution I've ever seen. I would double-check with your host about PHP on Linux.

    If they really don't do this, then your only option is to find a more competent host.
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      Thanks for the reply
      Ive emailed back asking whether I will be able to get a MySQL database on my server, and if not if its possible for me to get one on another server without purchasing hosting. Im already dishing out a fortune for the hosting im using now!

      Just one more question.
      IF i do manage to get a MySQL server on a seperate server, i will be able to connect to it from another server, right?



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        Logz - Yes - alot of people (especially really large sites or hosting companies offering shared plans) have 1 server for general php, html, etc files and they will have a seperate dedicated box just for the mysql databases.
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          Sounds like you'll have to leave your main site (anything that's ASP) on the windows hosting package and move the forums to a Linux host. I do find it odd that they don't do PHP on their Linux servers. TBH moving away from Windows will be a benefit anyway. You don't need to know Linux to host on it. If you have ftp access then you have what you need to install vB. Besides there's alot of answers to be found here to any problems you come across.


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