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  • Help fix this problem

    If you look to the right. Last post, replies,and views are not in right column. If I add a thread starter column will this fix the problem. Because the thread starter is under last post as of now.
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    It looks like the 'last replies' is pushing it out of place.
    i am going to see I got that option.
    Is that a hack or an option to see who replied last?


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      You need to add a Thread Starter column head between thread and last reply and you should be set.


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        Ok I know I need to add thread starter column. What I need to know. Is how this is done.
        I read this thread.

        But it has a lot or adding and subtraction.
        I'm thinking that it is replacing something. Instead of adding the column without removing something.

        Please check the image above and tell me I need to follow instruction in the thread above.

        Or tell me what need to be done to put it in right place.

        This thread is old, and I seem to remember following thread instructions before and something was still out of whack when finished.

        I don't mind trying it again, but want to know that the thread instructions will fix the problem.


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          Never mind I fixed the problem. Missed adding a code. Thank You.