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Displaying Forums Based On Post Count?

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  • Displaying Forums Based On Post Count?

    Can I display forums based on post counts? Heres what Im trying to do. I have various levels of membership and we have a intro forum for new members to post who they are. I want to make it so when a new member with 0 post count can ONLY see the intro forum. So they must make at least one post before seeing the rest. Is this possible? I've been beating my brains out lookingthrough the options and I cant find it. Thanks for any help.

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    Yes this can be done.

    Look into the use of promotions and have registered users only able to see restricted forms. Then set up a promotion based on post count > 0 that then assigns permission for members to be given access to a new usergroup that has permissions on the hidden fora.

    Easy!!! good luck.


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      HAHAHA doesn't sound easy but ok I think I see what your saying.... let me go dig around and break something.


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        OK I created a promotion for registered users to a new usergroup called forum members. I made it so they have to have a post count great or equal to 1 before they are moved. But when I used my test account with 0 posts its not working after I make 1 post. If I go into admin and changes his usergroup manually then all the forums show up like they are supposed to.

        So it looks like I got everything setup correctly except the promotion part... any help/hints?

        OK I see that I have to run the schedule tasks but is there anyways to make it so the promotion takes effect instantly?
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          Yes run schedule task for promotions. Click run now, I did and still nothing happened. I am trying to do something similar to you, but using colors for names.


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