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  • Less Threads, Posts after Upgrade

    I have completed the upgrade from v. 2.3.7 to 3.0.8...with a few problems along the way, but thank you to the support here I got through..

    Anyways, everything seems to be ok for now (keeping my fingers crossed) and am currently reindexing...through the night it looks like..but I noticed one thing after the upgrade: I had fewer threads and posts, same number of members though...

    V. 2.3.7 Threads 17,610 Posts 191,424
    V. 3.0.8 Threads 16,468 Posts 185,692

    did I do something wrong? I checked the size of the attachment, thread and post tables and they are even slightly larger than what they were for v. I am puzzled.....did I lose threads and posts, or it was a reorganization of things in part?


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    vB 3.0.x total post count on front page changed and doesn't include private or hiddent forums AFAIK now unlike in 2.3.x
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