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Is Vbulletin for a novice - Help!

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  • Is Vbulletin for a novice - Help!

    Help, is Vbulletin for a novice?
    I don't really have a lot of experience with the internet other than as a user. I want to set up a chat forum and vbulletin was suggested. I bought a licence today after being advised that it was easy to use and I've stumbled big time already.

    I don't have a domain yet (have ordered domain and hosting package) not active though. I was informed by vb that I would be able to download the vbulletin software to my computer then customise etc then send the files to my hosting company and hey presto - a new website!

    I have stumbled today as I don't have a webserver, mysql, php, apache and probably other stuff I need too! Also, when downloading it the instructions stated that a new file would appear called; versionnum.licensenum
    this didn't appear so I can't proceed.

    I sent a message to the support here at vbulletin and I did get some web addresses for php and mysql, but when I got to the websites I didn't know what I was supposed to be downloading! I know I must sound so thick to you guys!?

    I take it from my early experience that I just don't have enough knowledge of this to proceed, have I missed downloading something that will make all my problems go away and make vbulletin easy to use and manipulate?

    I really don't know whether or not I have just wasted the licence money, if anyone has any suggestion or if you have been in my position, please help.

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.


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    The folder won't be called versionnum.licensenum it will have your version number (3.0.8 probably) and your license number, something like: vbulletin_308_yourlicensenumber.


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      I've got that!

      Thanks Serc. I've got that. When it says you need to upload the files in the upload folder to your webserver does this mean the company web hosting my domain? I don't actually have the domain set-up yet, i had planned on customising vbulletin on my home computer then sending the files to my web host once complete, or have I got the wrong end of the stick.

      Do you know what php files and mysql I should be downloading? I have went to there websites and there is loads of files there to choose from, but me being a bit of a novice I don't know what ones to pick?

      Sorry to be a pest, any help would be greatly appreciated.



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