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HELP! admincp is not working! -code and screenshot attached- Thanks in advance!

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  • HELP! admincp is not working! -code and screenshot attached- Thanks in advance!

    when admin cp loads everything comes up. the blue background, the options on the left, but nothing in the body!
    if you click on an option in the left, it either does not come up, or opens in a new window instead of loading in the body section of the page like it is supposed too. I have looked everywhere for a fix, and I simply cannot figure out what i did wrong. Can anyone help me?

    here is the admincp index.php code....
    can anyone duplicate or repair this problem?! my problem is that I installed the STOCK index.php and it STILL did the same thing after clearing all cookies and etc.
    screen shot of how it is displaying....
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    Chris Johnson
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    also, when you would click on the links on the left it used to simply not load them and pop up a little error icon in the lower left hand side of IE. When you clicked on it it would report the following error:

    Line: 32
    Char: 3
    Error: 'parent.frames.main' is null or not an object
    Code: 0
    URL: http://forumdirectory/admincpdirectory/index.php?do=nav

    now when you click on a left option it opens it in a new window, not the body of the admincp

    thanks in advance for any help resolving this problem. if a vbulletin staff member would like to look at this personally please pm me for my login info and access to the ftp. thanks
    Chris Johnson
    Top Shelf Exotics
    TSE Hosting


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      First, posting of full files, license number or not, is not allowed anywhere period.

      Second, we don't support hacks, if you want to reupload an original admincp/index.php this should fix the problem.

      If you need help just fixing the issue, try asking at,. but do not post the file in any form.


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        Sorry Zachary, I did not know.

        Thats the problem though, when I installed the original admincp index.php file it still did it! Even after clearing cookies, saved pages, and checking it a good time later.

        Seems whether I use the original admincp index.php file, or the one I had in its place which was not modified more than three lines, the problems still presents itself and I cannot track it down. No can anyone I have asked.

        Please help, I'm out of options.
        Chris Johnson
        Top Shelf Exotics
        TSE Hosting


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          Please don't double-post:

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