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This is a problem that i do not know what do to anymore...Help me please

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  • conqsoft
    It's working as designed in vBulletin 3.0.x. If you want the "fix", you'll need to upgrade to vBulletin 3.5.0.

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  • HoustonMan
    thanks, Anyone else?

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  • conqsoft
    vBulletin 3.5 has persistant "post read" marking... So, it will always know what posts each user has read.

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  • This is a problem that i do not know what do to anymore...Help me please

    I have been told to upgrade but be careful when you do because its still in the works. However if I stay with my 3.0.7 then it will continue to do it.... can someone help me here with one solid answer. I just want a forum that works. If this is an issue it should have been addressed when I made the purchase for it. I go to several forums and find that mine is the only one with this issue...

    This is a on going problem that my members and I are having. This forum is representing the city of Houston and we are loosing members daily for this problem and nothing will fix it. This is our major problem right here....

    step 1

    we go to the forum and notice the icon that says "hiring" its marked with new forums that are new so we click on it

    step 2

    we click on that thread "hiring" and we see 2 new posts.

    step 3

    we read the posts and they are now showing as old which is correct.

    step 4

    this is where the 1st problem starts at times. As you can see the "hiring" is no longer showing with new threads HOWEVER sometimes at this point it does and you have to click it and it shows threads as read and then click out and it will not be showen as new. this happens very frequently however here it worked out well.

    we go to another site for a moment then return to the forum about 3 minutes later

    step 6

    This is our major problem for my self and every one of my members! we come back and that "hiring" forum is showing its new again and so people thing there is a new thread or post so they check it out...

    step 7

    and here we are the finale step... as you can see the threads are marked new with the exact same posts nothing added or anything and we loose track of whats new and whats old as it does this throught the site to all posts and threads for every account. Not only does that mess up but so does our "new posts" icon at the top of the forum.

    This is all a huge hastle and all i ask is someong get in my forum some how and take over and fix this issue. I just want this all resolved by a staff member. Please help me. Thank You.

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