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  • New Posts include all recent posts - help

    I want New Posts to include all recent posts.

    I have searched and can't find an answer although I'm sure the question has been asked before.

    My forum is fairly new and just starting to get busy. Hate it when you hit "new posts" it is says BLEKC*&^%# Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms. This forum is dead so don't bother coming back!

    I want it to do what I have seen lots of other forums do but can't figure out how. I want it to show ALL new posts over a certain time, chronologically, even if they have already seen them, but bold the threads that have not been read or have been updated since last visit.

    So when you check new posts you see lots there but can tell which ones you have already read.

    Thanks Linda
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    Sorry, I have 3.07 - you may need to know that.


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      Sorry to bump this but I still need help please. Is there a way to do this?


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        This option is not available in 3.0.x. It is available in 3.5.0 because of the new read mark system.
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