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Using ImpEx for an unsupported forum/threads?

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  • Using ImpEx for an unsupported forum/threads?

    I'd like to actually import threads from PhotoPost (which isn't a forum per se, but does have commentary threads, just like a forum thread).

    My question is can ImpEx help me to import the PhotoPost threads as vB3 threads? Since there isn't an option for PhotoPost, can I use the text importer? Perhaps by exporting from PP, tweaking it to certain format, and then importing using ImpEx?

    The PhotoPost gallery is integrated into vB3 so all the users are the same, I just want to ditch PP and move the threads, and images to vB3 - because it will suffice for my needs.

    If it's not possible with ImpEx, can anyone point me into the direction of how to manually create threads in vB3 - as if I was trying to recreate a permanently deleted thread with just a cached google copy - someone must have needed to do this?

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    I would have to have a look at the PP database to understand how they are stored as threads, I take it they are a list of comments attached to a image ?
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      Yes, that's right. It's a list of comments attached to an image, the first comment is related to the picture (so always one comment).

      There's a table called 'comments' with the following columns:

      `id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
      `username` tinytext NOT NULL,
      `userid` mediumint(9) NOT NULL default '0',
      `date` int(15) NOT NULL default '0',
      `rating` float default NULL,
      `comment` text NOT NULL,
      `photo` int(11) NOT NULL default '0',
      `cat` smallint(4) NOT NULL default '0',
      `approved` int(2) NOT NULL default '0',

      id = unique identifier for that comment
      username = vb user id (matches up perfectly)
      date = unix timestamp when comment was posted
      rating = not important
      comment = the comment itself
      photo = photo id (essentially thread id), links to photo table
      cat = category id (essentially forum id), links to category table

      Ideally it should attach the image with the first post, but at a minimum I really just want to be able to dump all the comment threads into a forum, then I can move then where necessary and edit the first post to attach the photo as a thumbnail. There are only about 42, so I can do this manually.

      Any ideas?


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        Jerry, am I right in thinking that when a new thread goes in (and posts) - the only tables we need to worry about are:


        As I can probably just rustle up my own import script. What do you think?


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          This looks like a manual job and not something that Impex will handle, however, I would not be suprised if a future Impex version has the code used to transfer yours .

          Essentially to get all your photos in there you will have to have a script import them as either an attachment or simply link them in each thread. The second method seems the easiest whereby you create a thread with the name of the photo associated with the id and the content of the initial post in the thread as a summary (if Photopost has that as well) and a link to the image server side.) afterwhich you can attach all the subsequent comments as post replies.

          Edit: Also there is no need to triple or quadruple post as I'm sure Jelsoft will be able to tackle your issue quite soon.


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            Personally I would use ImpEx to do it opposed to writing your own script.

            Have you had a look at this :
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              Thanks guys, I better start reading!


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                I've tried my best to figure out how to use ImpEx for my purposes, but unfortunately I'm none the wiser. Jerry, the example you give talks refers to importing users - although I'm not sure where you originally got the 001,002,003 files you tweaked. I understand what I really need is 007,008 for posts and threads, but where do I begin, can I just take any system and then start editing and go from there. It all seems rather overkill for my needs, as the number of threads are limited, and the difficult bits like attaching images, I was just going to do by hand.

                Basically, if I want to create a re-create a thread - is it safe to manually edit the post and thread tables, then re-run all the maintenance tools in the admincp to rebuild the other tables? Or do I need to be aware of anything else?


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                  If it is the standard PhotoPost comments thead and not a custom one PM me.
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