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Where can I find default style CSS?

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  • Where can I find default style CSS?


    I made some changes in default style CSS and for some resone I need to reinstall forum but I don't want to lose my work so I need to save it. I'm not sure where to find default style css.php file and I not sure what to do save my work. Please help.
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    You can download styles that you have modified here:

    Admin CP --> Styles & Templates --> Download / Upload Styles

    ... select the name of your style and then download it.

    After you re-install, go back to that same location and use the import option to upload your style.

    You can find a complete how-to about downloading and uploading styles here.
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      I don't want to download the style, I just want to download CSS file because Style is corrupted
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        It's in the admincp folder of the zip file which you can download from the Members Area.
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