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  • Post and reply looking for old domain name

    I recently changed domain names. My files are still on the same host server, so nothing else has changed. I made all necessary changes in admin. All seems to go well, except when I click "new thread" or "reply" I see "Looking up" at the bottom of my browser at the end of the page load. Then I can post or reply as normal. Where is there a setting that the forum is still looking up my old domain name? I did a full text search and the old domain is not in any of the files including any .htaccess files. It must be somewhere in the database. Any ideas?

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    Assuming you have not modified the templates or vB files, it should use the forum URL setting in the Admin CP.
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      Nope. Turns out you also need to change the path setting for icon posts and smilies. These were still set for my old domain, and that's why the browser was still trying to access the old domain to display those images.


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