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Creating custom styles / skins?

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  • Creating custom styles / skins?

    Does anyone have any links that have tutorials or information on how to create a custom style/skin? Not necessary changing colors or a header but, adding a whole new look, eyecandy.

    I'd like to learn how to give my vB, it's own custom look. I've seen the websites that require you to pay for the designs and such but, I haven't really seen one that I like so, I'd like to learn how to make my own.

    Some questions, I have...

    Does creating a style require the knowledge of XML? I've seen people comment on purchasing a style and having to upload the XML file to their site.

    I've also noticed that some syles have images and such built into certain tables. I'm assuming this can be done through tweaking the templates? It seems the "All Style Options" panel, only allows colors to be changed and, parts of the body/header.

    Appreciate any help. Thanks.

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    Add a new Style with No Parent, make it Not User Selectable, and go at it... That will let you play around with it without affecting your "live" site. You can view the site in your new style by clicking that style's Name in the Style Manager. It'll open in a new browser window.

    And yes, to do the images in the tables, you'll need to do some template editing. Choose Edit Templates from the style manager dropdown.
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      Thanks for the info, I'll go to tweaking and experimenting..


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